Innovative Safety Project - West Belfair Valley Road and Tracyton Beach Road

Project Status (Updated January 2, 2018)

The City solicited bids in August, but the bids received exceeded the available budget and all bids were rejected. The project was rebid in December 2017 and the City received 6 highly competitive bids. The Project Engineer has qualified the apparent low bidder, MJ Hughes Construction, and will recommend that the City Council award the contract to MJ Hughes at the January 17, 2018 City Council meeting. Construction is planned to begin in the spring of 2018.    

Project Overview

The City was awarded a $1,675,490 federal highway safety grant to improve roadway safety along West Belfair Valley Road and Tracyton Beach Road. The improvements will include storm drainage improvements, high friction surface treatment, and guardrail. The high friction surface treatment will increase traction for vehicles travelling along curved sections of Tracyton Beach and West Belfair Valley Road. The guardrail will be installed along the City owned sections of Tracyton Beach Road and at certain locations along West Belfair Valley Road.