Wastewater Treatment Plan Interceptor Upgrade

Project Overview

The project, currently in the design process, will consist of improving the hydraulic capacity of the existing undersized conveyance pipes that deliver raw wastewater to the headworks facility. The age, capacity, and location of the existing interceptor sewers are reasons for reliability concerns. Upgrading the WWTP interceptor will provide sufficient capacity for delivery of raw wastewater to the treatment plant. 

There are currently two undersized, ductile iron, gravity/pressure sewer lines that discharge to the headworks at the WWTP. The project will intercept these two lines upstream of the WWTP and install new 24” and 30” HDPE gravity/pressure sewers.  

The work includes installing approximately 400 feet of 18-inch PVC pipe and 1100 feet of 24-inch HDPE pipe through the Wastewater Treatment Plant to replace the existing 10 and 16-inch interceptor pipes. Approximately 300 feet of 54” RCP storm sewer will also be installed. The new pipe alignment will tie into the existing headworks facility through a concrete core-drill. 

Murraysmith, Inc. has been selected as the consultant and will provide design and construction management services on this project. 


The overall budget for this project s $2,650,000 including design, construction, etc.


This project is currently in the design stage. Bidding for construction of this project is anticipated in April 2018. Construction is currently scheduled from June through October 2018
WWTP Interceptor Aerial
Pipe - WWTP Interceptor Upgrade (2)
MSA - WWTP Interceptor Upgrade WO