SR 303 Corridor Study

The City is embarking on a comprehensive study of the SR 303 (Warren/Wheaton) corridor. The study will look at the corridor from Burwell Street all the way up to McWilliams Road, with particular focus on the segments of the corridor within city limits. This study will identify safe, reliable, and cost effective transportation options which will improve livability, attract investment, and increase economic vitality for people and businesses.  

The City is committed to providing a fully transparent public process and will be seeking input from residents, business owners, and other community members throughout the study. The study’s webpage will be updated frequently with schedules, progress updates, documents, surveys, and meeting notifications. If you are interesting in receiving email or text notifications of these updates, please subscribe to the News Flash - SR 303 Corridor Study

Internally, the City is taking the first steps in the study process by executing the study agreement with WSDOT and hiring a consultant to assist with scoping the project. Scoping the study is essential to ensuring that the study yields results that can be implemented, and will have a positive and measurable effect on the livability and economic vitality along the corridor. The scoping process will contextualize the corridor and corridor segments, define the issues along the corridor, and outline the metrics that will used to measure the outcomes of potential solutions.   

An integral part of the scoping process is to get input from the community at large. How do you use the SR 303 corridor? What problems and issues do you see along the corridor? What economic barriers exist that are preventing investment in the area? Please feel free to contact Project Manager, Katie Ketterer, with your input or check back for a survey on these questions that will be posted in the next few weeks.

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SR 303 Corridor Study