2022 Sidewalk Work Plan

ADA Curb Ramps – minimum of 40 new ramps

  • 2020 was a challenging year in which COVID-19 had large impacts to what the city crews could deliver.
  • 8 ramps with CDBG funding. 6 ramps completed with 2 more to be done in 2021.
  • 7 ramps with TIB Urban Sidewalk program funds. 2 ramps completed with 5 more to be done in 2021
  • 12 curb ramps were completed as part of the 6th Street Pavement Preservation – Phase I project. 
  • 6 curb ramps will be constructed in 2021 as part of the 6th Street Pavement Preservation – Phase II project
  • Additional ramps to be identified by the ADA Committee, initial focus will be missing ramps in CDBG Impact Area.  City Crews will construct as time allows
  • Thus far, the city crews have completed 8 curb ramps (which includes the previously mentioned locations) and continue to work towards completing more in 2021

Sidewalk Infill and Reconstruction – minimum of 1,350-lf in 2021

  • Streets Crews completed 1,550 lf of new sidewalk as part of the 2020 CDBG grant funding. Crews will continue to reconstruct broken sidewalks and infill sidewalk in gap areas in 2021. Initial focus will be the CDBG Impact Area – 450-lf will be constructed on Park Dr. Crews will also construct approximately 900 lf of missing sidewalk on Perry Ave. Additional reconstruction will focus on high pedestrian usage areas, based on existing complaints and contingent on grant funding. 

Sidewalk Abatement/Infrastructure Connections

  • The City completed one half of a sidewalk gap improvement grant installing 2 curb ramps and approximately 150 lineal feet of sidewalk on Arsenal Way between Marion St and New Hope Circle. The second half of this grant will be done in 2021. The work to be completed is approximately 900 lineal feet of sidewalk and 5 curb ramps on Perry Ave between Holman Rd and Magnuson Way.   

Sidewalk Trip Hazard Removal Program

  • This program, initiated in 2019, aims to improve safety and ADA accessibility of existing city sidewalks through removal of significant trip hazards. Prior annual contracts performed in 2019, 2020, and 2022 have eliminated approximately 2,300 sidewalk trip hazards through various methods including slab jacking (raising of concrete through injection of material under sidewalks) and cutting/grinding. A 3-year unit priced contract was awarded to Precision Concrete Cutting, Inc. in October 2023 which includes a continuation of this program for 2023, 2024, and 2025. An estimated 700-800 sidewalk trip hazards are estimated to be removed each year under this multi-year contract at various locations citywide. Locations of work to be performed each year are determined by the Engineering Division based sidewalk condition information, geographical area, and annual budget.
2023 STHRP Proposed Work Map