Marine Drive Stormwater LID Retrofit

Project Status (October 2, 2019)

Pape & Sons Construction was awarded the bid for the construction of the Marine Drive Stormwater LID Retrofit project. The contractor has completed survey and staking on site. Puget Sound Energy and Cascade Natural Gas will move utilities in conflict with the project in early October. Once the site is clear of conflicts the contractor will begin construction of the project.      

Project Overview

Oyster and Ostrich Bays have water quality problems that are exacerbated by the discharge of untreated stormwater. This project will install one Modular Wetland System (MWS) & 250’ of infiltration trench on Marine Drive at Dora Ave, and two Modular Wetlands Systems, south of Kelly Rd, to treat runoff prior to discharge into Oyster Bay. Modular Wetland units provide stormwater treatment, and will reduce fecal coliform in runoff from 34 acres that including 1.34 miles of urban roads and 17.4 acres of pollution generating impervious surface. An additional MWS will be installed on Kitsap Way at Oyster Bay Inn to treat runoff from 1.5 acres of impervious area on Kitsap Way.  


The 2019 budget for this project is $ 1,067,747. The City was awarded a $664,747 State Ecology grant to complete construction of the system, and the remaining funds were budgeted from the Stormwater Capital Fund. Design was funded by a separate Ecology grant in 2015.  


Construction will begin Fall 2019, and will take a few weeks at each site. Check back for more detailed schedule information.