City of Bremerton Trespass Program

No Trespassing SignThe City of Bremerton and the Bremerton Police Department offers business and residential property owners an opportunity to participate in a Trespass Enforcement Authorization Program. This program gives authorization to the Bremerton Police Department to enter the property and contact and question any person or person(s) who may be unlawfully on the property. 

What The Program Does And Does Not Do

The Trespass Program gives authority to officers of the Bremerton Police Department to enter upon the property for the purposes of advising, and if necessary, removing any and all trespassed person(s) from the property. 

The Trespass Program does not increase the Bremerton Police patrolling of the property.

What Are The Definitions Of Criminal Trespass?

RCW 9A.52.070 Criminal Trespass first degree: 1) if he/she knowingly enters or remains unlawfully in a building 2) Criminal trespass in the first degree is a gross misdemeanor. 

RCW 9A.52.080 Criminal Trespass second degree: 1) if he/she knowingly enters or remains unlawfully in or upon premises of another under circumstances not consulting criminal trespass in the first degree 2) Criminal trespass in the second degree is a misdemeanor.

How Do I Participate?

To participate in the Program, please complete the Authorization To Remove Trespassers Form, or you can complete the form at the Bremerton Police Headquarters located at 1025 Burwell Street.

Post No Trespassing signs at visible locations on the property. (i.e. walls, doors, parking lots) The No Trespassing signs must contain the following information:
  • Trespassing prohibited
  • No Loitering
  • Violators subject to arrest and prosecution
  • RCW 9A.52.070-080
Participants in the Trespass Program will cooperate with the Bremerton Police Department and the City Attorney’s Office in the prosecution of any violations occurring on the property, where a citation was issued or an arrest was made.

For more information, contact the Bremerton Police Department Community Resource Unit at 360-473-5231.