2021 Sewer Rehabilitation

PROJECT STATUS (Updated August 25, 2021)

The City’s contractor Insituform has begun the lining process, starting on Burwell Street. The work will continue onto Warren Avenue and is anticipated for completion by mid-September. The work is occurring at night when traffic and sewer flow is less than normal. The work involves using generators, compressors, and vacuum trucks, so noise will be generated by the work. 


The work to be completed includes rehabilitating approximately 6500 lineal feet of sanitary sewer along Warren Avenue and Burwell Street using the cure-in-place-pipe (CIPP) method. This method does not require excavation and will insert a liner into the existing sewer pipe that will increase the life span of the sewer by an additional 50 years. The pipe sizes vary from 8-inches to 24-inches and the pipe is generally 60 or more years old.

This work will be performed at night because the project route is along two of the busiest streets in the City. The completion of work will be in early to mid-September 2021.


SewerRehab_03Cleaning and video pre-lining.

SewerRehab_02Inserting pipe liner.

SewerRehab_01Steam curing the liner in the host pipe.


Bill Davis, P.E.

Project Manager
Ph: 360-473-2312

Michele Filley
Construction Manager
Ph: 360-473-2349