Hearing Examiner

Types of Appeals subject to Hearing Examiner or Administrative appeal

  • Dangerous dog declaration
  • Parking petitions
  • Vehicle impounds

Appeal Documents

Appeal Process

  1. You must submit an appeal within 7 working days or 7 calendar days (as noted in "Code Section Establishing Appeal Rights") from notification of the contested administrative decision. Date of mailing shall be considered date of notification.
  2. You must pay a $73 filing fee that will be refunded if you prevail.
  3. You need to submit a copy of the written administrative decision you are contesting with the appeal form and fee. Be sure you have exhausted all avenues of remedy with the concerned city department.
  4. You need to file your complete appeal form with the:
    Municipal Court Clerk's Office
    550 Park Ave.
    Bremerton, WA 98337-1873
  5. Your appeal must fall into 1 of the municipal code sections listed on the appeal form or this appeal process is not valid for hearing your complaint. Check with the City Clerk's Office for guidance if you cannot find the section that applies to your circumstance.
  6. Your hearing will be scheduled within 60 days with the Hearing Examiner.
  7. Review the Rules for Administrative Appeals as stated above.
  8. If you have questions please contact the Municipal Court City Clerk's Office at 360-473-5250.