Types of Hearings

Types of Hearings
Hearing On Land Use Application
The city can hold only one open record hearing on a land use application involving a quasi-judicial decision (Chapter 36.70B RCW). The purpose of the hearing is to give the public an opportunity to present evidence to be included in the official record. Participation by everyone with an interest is highly encouraged. The official record becomes the source for making the final decision.

Administrative Appeal Hearing
When a person, who is a party of record, disputes a decision by a city department, they can appeal the decision to the Hearing Examiner as a means for a timely and fair resolution to their dispute. Appeal hearings are generally closed record and limited to the parties of record so the opportunity for public comment is limited.

Code Enforcement Hearing
Code enforcement actions involve nuisances and life safety issues. Code enforcement hearings are similar to traffic court and are not open to public testimony.