The City of Bremerton residents enjoy some of the highest quality water in the country and our water rates are among the lowest in the state. However, if our community is to continue to grow and prosper, we must bring to practice conservation of our remarkable water resource.

Bremerton's water sources depend on rainfall to fill the surface reservoir and to supply groundwater aquifers. Peak day usage in the summer can increase water demands from 30% to 100%, which can put a strain on the water system. Reducing outdoor water use will help reduce summer time peaks. Rain barrels are a great way to save water outdoors as is washing your car at a car wash that recycles their water. Using native plants and mulches in your garden can help too.
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Water Efficiency Goals

Bremerton is doing a great job with water efficiency but there's always room to improve. The following water efficiency goals were updated in 2013 by the Bremerton City Council:
  • Maintain water use per single family household to below 180 gallons per day on a 3-year average
  • Businesses provided industry-specific water efficiency information will reduce their use by at least 3%
These goals are consistently met and aim to maintain current water-wise actions by customers and the water system.

City Partnerships

The City of Bremerton is a member of the national organization, the Alliance for Water Efficiency, and an EPA Water Sense partner.