Christmas Trees

In accordance with the 2012 edition of the International Fire Code, sections 804 and 903, adopted by the City of Bremerton, regulations for Christmas trees in public buildings. The following guidelines shall be followed for the use of natural resin bearing cut trees in public places:
  • Natural cut trees shall not be allowed in assembly, religious, educational, institutional, mercantile occupancies nor are they allowed in hotels, motels, assisted living, adult care, dormitories, or boarding houses, unless protected by an approved fire sprinkler system. IFC 804.1.1
  • The support device that holds the tree in an upright position shall be stable and:
    • Not damage or require removal of the tree stem base, to allow adequate moisture to reach all parts of the tree.
    • Hold the tree securely and be of adequate size to avoid tipping over of the tree, and
    • Capable of containing a 2 day supply of water, covering the stem at least 2 inches. IFC 804.1.2 (1) (2) and (3)
  • The Minimum amount of water is:
    • 1/2-gallon for trees less than 6 1/2 feet in height,
    • 1-gallon for trees 6 1/2 to 10 feet in height.
    • 3-gallons for trees over 10 feet in height. IFC 804.1.2
  • Prior to setting up the tree, the trunk shall have a fresh end cut at least 1/2-inch above the original cut. IFC 804.1
  • Hot tap water shall be used when first filling a support stand and the stand shall not be allowed to become dry of water. Water level shall be maintained above the fresh cut and be checked at least once daily. IFC 804.1.2
  • Trees shall be checked for dryness by the following method: Stand in front of a branch, grasp it with a reasonably firm pressure and pull your hand toward you, allowing the branch to slip through your grasp. If the needles fall off readily, the tree does not have adequate moisture content, and it shall be removed immediately. IFC 804.1.3
  • Candles and open flames shall not be used on or near a tree within a distance equal to the height of the tree. IFC 804.3
  • Electric lights and decorations used, shall be listed by UL or FM, and shall not be altered. All Vegetation shall be flame resistive or flame retardant. IFC 804.3.1, 804.4 and 804.4.1