Administrative Appeals

Types of Matters of Appeals
The following matters are subject to administrative appeal:
  • Business fee or tax
  • Business license revocation
  • Criminal activity nuisance
  • Dangerous dog declaration
  • Declaration of nuisance vehicle
  • Garbage appeals
  • Graffiti
  • Junk vehicle abatement
  • Junk vehicle hearing
  • Noise levels
  • Regulatory license appeals
  • Utilities charges and shut off
  • Vehicle impounds
Filing an Appeal
  • You must submit an appeal within 7 working days from notification of the contested administrative decision. Date of mailing shall be considered date of notification.
  • You must pay a filing fee that will be refunded if you prevail. As of January 2002, the filing fee is $65 (subject to change).
  • You will need to submit a copy of the written administrative decision you are contesting with the appeal form and fee. Be sure you have exhausted all avenues of remedy with the concerned city department.
Application Requirements
You must file your appeal with the City Clerk's Office. Appeal forms must be complete and at a minimum include:
  • Name, address and telephone of appellant
  • A short statement of the background of the contested matter
  • The decision of the City Department being appealed including a copy of the written decision
  • Nature of relief requested
Appeal Hearing
Your hearing will be scheduled within 60 days with the Hearing Examiner.

Applications & Questions
For an application or if you have questions regarding the appeal process, please contact the City Clerk's Office at 360-473-5290.