Defense Industrial Corridor

Project Overview
Three major regional highways - SR 3, SR 16 and SR 304 - converge in Bremerton and Gorst and form the SR 3 Defense Industrial Corridor. The corridor stretching from Naval Base Kitsap and SR 3/SR 304 interchange to SR 16 provides critical connections for the South Kitsap Industrial Area and Naval Base Kitsap to the regional transportation network. The corridor is operating beyond its capacity and experiences heavy congestion at the SR 3/SR 16 and SR 3/SR 304 interchanges.

The SR3 Defense Industrial Corridor improvements project is studying options to increase capacity at the SR3/SR16 and SR3/SR304 interchanges. The improvements will relieve congestion, improve safety and quality of life, and allow the region to attract large businesses and military contracts to the area

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