• Establish new street revenue source to fund pavement management and signal needs
  • Pass a transportation development ordinance that requires frontage improvements and street standards
  • Complete design and construction of annual capital projects
  • Complete Comprehensive Transportation Plan that feeds into the city CompPlan
  • Complete Comprehensive Storm Water Plan for Phase II Regulations
  • Put permitting requirements, design and construction standards on CD-ROM and the internet
  • Acquire GPS survey gear, and begin GIS inventory of critical city infrastructure

Mission Statement

Provides engineering services to the city, particularly in the areas of transportation, water, wastewater and storm drainage. Designs projects, conducts surveys, inspects contracted projects, plans for long-term improvements to streets, reviews private projects that impact city utilities and keeps maps, surveys and construction drawings up-to-date.

  • Manages comprehensive planning
  • Design and construction of city infrastructure
  • Traffic engineering
  • Development of project review and permitting
  • Provide engineering services to all city departments
  • Obtain grant and low interest loan funding from federal, and state sources
  • Regional coordination