Animal Services


The Kitsap Humane Society is the contractor for City of Bremerton animal control and pet licensing. For additional information animal licensing, visit the City Clerk's Animal Licensing webpage. For information on the Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) Program for Community Cats, please contact the Kitsap Humane Society at phone 360-692-6977. 

Wild Animals

The City of Bremerton has an ordinance against outdoor feeding of wild animals or domestic animals as to cause an unreasonable disturbance or accumulation of droppings in surrounding areas. A more specific ordinance does not allow the feeding of raccoons. BMC 7.15.010(r).

Feeding or Keeping Wild Animals 

Call 911 to report a problem or file a complaint of feeding. Enforcement Officers are dispatched by CenCom 911. Complete the Wildlife Report Submission Form to file a report.

Injured or Orphaned Wild Animals

Please direct all inquires regarding injured or orphaned wild animals to West Sound Wildlife Center, 7501 NE Dolphin Drive, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110; phone 206-855-9057 (Wildlife Hospital & Hotline).

Education and Trapping of Wild Animals

Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife is a great resource for dealing with wildlife in your neighborhood. You may also contact the WDFW Wildlife Conflict Program via email or by phone 360-902-2515. 


The City contracts with USDA to trap raccoons causing public safety and health concerns. Complete the Wildlife Report Submission Form to report concerns or contact the City Clerk via email or by phone 360-473-5323.

Deceased Wildlife on Public Property or Right-of-Ways

To report deceased wildlife, Contact the City of Bremerton Public Works & Utilities Customer Service Response via email or by phone 360-473-5920 to report deceased wildlife.