Residential Parking Permits

Residential Parking Permit Program

The City of Bremerton Residential Parking Permit program provides on-street parking for residents in neighborhoods impacted by parking generators, such as commuters or high occupancy. 

To apply for or manage a Residential Parking permit please visit the online parking permit portal.

Replacement permits, Visitor permits, Recreational Vehicle permits, and Service/landlord permits are issued at the Impark Office.

Parking Permit Rules

Questions? Please see the Residential Parking Permit Rules (PDF). Or for more complete rules and regulation see the Bremerton Municipal Code.

Residential Parking Permit Requirements

Items required for issue of residential parking permits include:
  • Official proof of address
  • Picture identification
  • Vehicle registration or purchase documents

Official Proof of Address

Your name and address must be on at least 1 of the following:
  • House Closing Documents
  • Mail (official source - i.e. utility bill, credit card bill, etc.)
  • Rental Agreement or current Rent Receipt that includes name and address
  • Vehicle Registration (current)