Parking Rules

Not a complete list of all parking regulation. 

Please see the BMC 10.10 and Washington State MTO (Model Traffic Ordinance – WA 308-330) as well as the City of Bremerton Residential Parking Permit Rules.

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Commonly Posted Restrictions

  • Time Limit Restricted Parking: Areas of the city have posted restricted time zones. Time limits vary depending on the street and block. If days and times for the restriction are not posted, then the time limit is enforced 24/7 except City Holidays.
  • Load / Unload 15 Minutes: Passenger and commercial vehicles are allowed 15 minutes to actively load/unload.
  • 4-Hour Maximum Disabled Signs: Any vehicle may park in accordance with the time restrictions. Those vehicles displaying a disabled placard may park up to 4 hours maximum regardless of the time restriction.
  • No Repark Same Named Street: No vehicle may repark when posted on the same named street on the same day.

Non-Posted Regulations

  • Fire Hydrant: Do not park within 15 feet of fire hydrants.
  • Stop Sign: Do no park within 30 feet of Stop signs.
  • Crosswalks: Do not park within 20 feet of marked or unmarked crosswalks.
  • Driveways: Do not park within 5 feet of driveways.
  • Sidewalks and Planting Strips: Do not park on or over the sidewalk, or on any gravel and/or concrete planting strip areas between the curb and the sidewalk unless otherwise posted.

Other Parking Rules

  • Curb: Park within 12 inches of the curb.
  • Street Markings, Parallel Parking & Parked Against Traffic: Park your vehicle within pavement markings for vehicle parking. Parallel park your vehicle for all unmarked street parking. Do not park your vehicle against traffic.
  • License Tabs: Do not park on the street with expired tabs.
  • 5-Day On-Street: Do not park a vehicle on any city street longer than 5 days. When left unmoved for longer than 5 days, the vehicle can be ticketed or towed. A vehicle must be moved to a different block for 24 hours at the end of 5 days.
  • RV, Boat, Trailer and Oversized Parking: Do not park a recreational vehicle, boat, trailer or oversized vehicle for longer than 24 hours on-street add unless you have a Recreational Vehicle Permit.
  • Inoperable Vehicles: Do not park inoperable vehicles on-street. Inoperable vehicles will be ticketed or towed.

Vehicle Impounded

Unpaid Tickets
If you have 3 or more outstanding parking tickets that are more than 45 days old, your vehicle may be impounded if it is parked on-street after notice of impoundment.

Excessive Tickets
If you have 6 or more parking tickets, paid or unpaid, in the last 90 days your car may be impounded.