Arts, Culture & Recreation

  1. Activity Guide

    The Parks & Recreation Activity Guide is filled with activities and events for Bremerton families and residents of all ages.

  2. Arts Commission

    The Bremerton Arts Commission represents our community during the creative phase of new city development or improvement projects.

  3. Arts Districts

    Bremerton has one of the largest and most diverse official fine arts districts in the northwest.

  4. City Parks

    Learn about Blueberry Park, Evergreen Rotary Park, and other parks throughout the Bremerton.

  5. Golf Courses

    Learn about the Gold Mountain Golf Club, disc golf courses, and other golf courses in the Bremerton area.

  6. Parks & Recreation

    Bremerton Parks and Recreation is committed to enriching the lives of Bremerton citizens with aquatic, athletic, and recreational opportunities for persons of all ages.

  7. Performing Arts

    Discover live theater, dance and music in Bremerton.