Domestic Assault

What is Domestic Violence?

Domestic Violence is the actual or threatened physical, sexual, psychological or economic abuse of an individual by someone with whom you have or have had an intimate relationship with.

Domestic Violence calls are deemed the most dangerous of all calls that Police Officers respond to. It is the most common of all calls but the least reported crime in the Nation. Domestic Violence can affect anyone and is a serious, unacceptable crime.

Investigating Reported Violence

The Bremerton Police Department investigates all reported incidences of Domestic Violence. Officers that respond to the scene must contact all parties and if they have probable cause to believe that a physical assault occurred they are mandated by state law to arrest the perpetrator. If the perpetrator is no longer in the home Officers will attempt to locate the individual. Victims have the right to ask the Officer for transportation to a local shelter or safe home.

During the investigation of Domestic Violence Officers will interview all parties involved, which includes any children present in the home. They will photograph the area in which the assault took place and well as victims and suspects. Officers will ask all victims to provide a written statement regarding what occurred. If the Officer observes any sign of injury they will refer treatment to local medical facilities. If you are the victim of a felony domestic violence assault a Detective from our department will contact you. These cases are assaults that result in substantial injury to the victim.


Victims will be provided with a resource guide for domestic violence services. You will be provided information on advocate services and instruction on obtaining protection orders.

If you are a victim of domestic violence please call 911 and report. Our department is dedicated to assist you in any way possible. If time has elapsed since the last incident of violence occurred and you are not comfortable calling 911 you can call our department directly for assistance.

Helpful Resources

Please visit the Kitsap County's website for more information.