Missing Persons & Runaways

Missing Persons
In the case of a missing person a patrol officer will take the initial report, which is then forwarded to the Detectives Division for follow-up. If the subject meets one of the 5 criteria points the subject is entered into the computer system as missing. Depending upon the circumstance detectives and or search and rescue may respond.

View the Let's Bring Them Home website for helpful information.

When a parent or guardian calls 911 to report their child as a runaway the Patrol Division gathers all information that is available and files a report. The runaway is then entered into the computer system either by dispatchers or Bremerton Police Department Records. A copy of the report is then sent to the Detectives Division for tracking purposes. The report is kept on file and follow-up is done with the family periodically until the child is located.

While it is neither a crime to be missing nor a runaway the Bremerton Police Department makes every effort to document and follow-up with the families.

View the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children website for more information