Traffic Patrol

The Bremerton Police Department Traffic Unit currently consists of 2 Traffic Officers and 1 Operations Lieutenant. Traffic Officers are assigned shifts to cover high traffic volume periods of the day, school zones and other areas requiring special emphasis. Traffic Officers have specialized training in accident reconstruction and are called out to investigate all serious and fatality accidents occurring within the city.

The Traffic Unit works hand in hand with the City of Bremerton's Engineering Department. Speed surveys are conducted and all traffic accidents are scanned into a computer, which generates statistics showing problem areas for speeding vehicles and problem intersections where traffic collisions are occurring.
Traffic Patrol Unit
Traffic Speed Trailer
Traffic Enforcement
The Bremerton Police Department receives numerous complaints regarding speeding vehicles on almost every street within the city limits. We understand the community's concern and make an attempt to address the issues, although staffing issues may affect the level of service that can be provided. Some new programs have been developed through the Washington State Traffic Safety Commission including Click It or Ticket and the Pedestrian Crosswalk Safety Program in which we have participated. The Traffic Unit also utilizes 1 day out of each month for training, completing ongoing traffic investigations and conducting emphasis patrols in direct response to citizen complaints.
Emphasis Patrols
Emphasis patrols conducted within the city have proven to be very effective. When staffing is not available to conduct these patrols the Bremerton Police Department utilizes their traffic speed trailer. The trailer can be set up in an area to show the drivers how fast they are traveling and is used as an educational tool to slow drivers down. The use of the speed trailer also frees up officers to respond to 911 and priority calls.

The Traffic Unit also participates in the monthly countywide DUI Emphasis Patrol. This program involves all local law enforcement agencies and is an effective tool at removing impaired drivers from the roadway making Bremerton and Kitsap County a safer place.

Traffic Issues & Citizens Comments
If you have a traffic or pedestrian related issue about a specific street or intersection please report it online. Your information will be forwarded to our Traffic Unit.