I Want To Build In PSIC - Bremerton

All of the development in PSIC - Bremerton must comply with Section C of the PSIC - Bremerton Subarea Plan
Section C establishes zoning provisions, minimum development standards, performance standards and design criteria that will guide all development.

Section D of the Subarea Plan is entirely optional and highly recommended; it outlines desired guidelines for development with a specific emphasis on sustainable building and site design as well as development incentives tied to sustainable development measures that you implement for your project.
Additionally, since a Planned Action Ordinance covers the entire PSIC - Bremerton Subarea, the permitting process can potentially be streamlined if your project(s) meets all of the designation criteria contained in the Ordinance. To begin, you will need to fill out the Modified SEPA Checklist and submit it to the city for review.
If, upon review, your project is deemed a planned action, then the SEPA review is complete and no further action is required; you may move on to the building permit application submittal. If your project is not deemed a planned action, then you will need to fill out the regular SEPA checklist and re-submit it to the city.

Application material related to building permits, pre-submittal conferences, land use applications, and more can be found in the Community Development section of this website.

You are encouraged to call the City of Bremerton Department of Community Development with any questions you may have at 360-473-5275.
Zoning Map