Where can I get a copy of a Bremerton Police report?
The Bremerton Police Department provides copies of police reports and traffic accident reports for incidents that occurred within the City of Bremerton and that the department has investigated.

In the case of police reports, a Public Disclosure Request Form is required to be filled out and submitted for review. It takes approximately 5 days to process your request and a fee may apply upon the release of the report.

Traffic-accident reports are provided released to all involved parties. To obtain a report contact the Bremerton Police by telephone at 360-473-5226 or at the station, which is located at:
1025 Burwell St.
Bremerton, WA 98337

Washington State Law and Bremerton Police Department Policy regulates who may receive copies of cases. In some instances your copy may be edited to withhold certain information pending disposition of the case, or for other reasons.

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