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BKAT Project Proposal Worksheet

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  2. Project Overview

    BKAT uses the following information to initiate discussion with you to determine project scope and design.

  3. Weeks/Months or Years

  4. Target audience*

  5. If needed, please describe audience specifics; age, gender and race/ethnicity

  6. Project Costs

    After a dialogue with you, BKAT will develop a production budget as part of the project process. If you have a project amount already designated, it will help us design a program format to work within your scope.

  7. Has funding been identified for this project?*

  8. Contact Name, E-mail and Phone

  9. Type of funding*

  10. Project Type

  11. Select all that apply*

  12. Project Uses

    Select all that apply

  13. For use on BKAT*

  14. Agency website*

  15. On location/event only*

  16. Social media distribution*

  17. Project Coordination

  18. Does production or viewing need to be coordinated with other events or presentation?*

  19. Will the program or project elements need to be coordinated for use on the internet or online service?*

  20. Does the program/project require attendance or participation of elected officials?*

  21. Will the project elements need to be coordinated with existing or developing graphics/art?*

  22. Will the rights for project content need to be secured or participant releases be required?*

  23. Will materials and/or your subject matter experts be made available to assist with the factual and technical content on this project?*

  24. Electronic Signature*

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