Ostrich Creek Culvert Improvements

Project Description

The Ostrich Creek Culvert Improvements project is a stormwater project that will replace three culverts along Ostrich Creek.  The project will be a substantial improvement to the City’s stormwater conveyance system on the west side of Bremerton. The Ostrich Creek headwaters are just north of Pendergast Park and the creek runs down to Ostrich Bay in West Bremerton. The creek is significantly encumbered by pipes and culverts that damage its fish bearing capabilities.  While the replacement of just three culverts will not fix all the fish barriers along the creek, it is an important first step. Additionally, in consideration of development in West Bremerton, particularly within the Ostrich Creek water shed, these culvert improvements will be designed to handle a greater capacity of water. Generally, the entire creek will be evaluated to determine the appropriate size and structure at each location. Read on for more information about the three culverts replacements.  

Price Road 

Ostrich Creek crosses under Price Road in an undersized round culvert that failed in 2005, washing out part of Price Road with it. The road and culvert were repaired, but the culvert is overdue for permanent replacement. Design here has determined the existing culvert will be replaced with a bridge.

Kitsap Way near SR 3

Ostrich Creek’s passage under Kitsap Way was installed in 1927 and is nearing the end of its useful life. It is undersized, threatening the cemetery upstream with flooding when it backs up, and failure of the culvert could cause emergency closures of Kitsap Way. Replacement of the culvert will present challenges because of limited right of way and the busy roadway above. Special attention will be paid to construction methods and traffic control plans during design, to mitigate impacts to traffic during construction. Design here has determined the existing culvert will be replaced with a three-sided concrete culvert.

Brentwood Way

The City rehabilitated a portion of stormwater pipe that runs along Brentwood Way several years ago. As mitigation for that project the City agreed to replace the Ostrich Creek passage under Brentwood with a fish passable culvert. Design here has determined the existing culvert will be replaced with a bridge.   

Project Schedule (Updated June 30, 2021)

Contract has been awarded to ACI and a limited notice to proceed was issued to procure the replacement culvert, which is a long lead item. The full start of construction will be within the next month with the in-water work (fish window) starting July 15th. Project completion is projected for November of this year.
The Price Road and Brentwood Way culvert replacements are in design and permitting, with construction anticipated in 2022.

About the Funding Source

The City has secured a low interest Public Works Trust Fund (PWTF) loan to replace the three culverts along Ostrich Creek. The Public Works Trust Fund loan program is an excellent funding source for the project because the need for the project has been identified on the City’s Capital Improvement Plan for many years. Many factors, including location, improvement type, and cost has precluded these projects from being funded by grant sources. A Public Works Trust Fund loan is a better option than a bond because it has a lower interest rate, has no fees, and is a better type of debt for the City. The loan will be repaid over the course of 20 years from Stormwater Utility funds.

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