Pine Road Stormwater Basin Improvements

Project Description

The Pine Road Stormwater Improvements project includes two substantial improvements to East Bremerton’s stormwater conveyance system.  

Pine Road Stormwater Oufall

On the beach near Lebo Boulevard and Sheridan Road, a failing stormwater outfall will be replaced with a new outfall. The project will be an improvement to the beach environment adjacent to the outfall because concrete debris from the old outfall will be removed from the beach, and the new outfall will dissipate energy from the stormwater discharged onto the beach reducing beach erosion at that location.   

Eagle Avenue Sub-basin Improvements

The Olympic Manor neighborhood, and particularly Dibb Street, Robin Street, and Eagle Avenue has experienced flooding caused by insufficient stormwater capacity. Between 2011 and 2014, seven flooding incidents were reported to the City of Bremerton. The City seeks to correct the flooding issue by increasing stormwater capacity.  This will be done by adding a new conveyance system in both Robin and Eagle. The size and placement of the system will be determined during design.  In conjunction with the project, the City will need to make improvements to the downstream inlets and outfalls in Stephenson Creek.  

Project Schedule (Updated June 30, 2021)

Design of the project is approaching 60% and will continue through-out 2021. Permitting was submitted in March of 2021 with the expectation of being completed by winter 2022, with construction starting in spring of 2022. 

About the Funding Source

The City has secured a low interest Public Works Trust Fund loan for this project.  The Public Works Trust Fund loan program is an excellent funding source for this project because the need for this project has been identified on the City’s Capital Improvement Plan for many years.  Many factors, including location, improvement type, and cost has precluded these projects from being funded by grant sources.  A PWTF loan is a better option than a bond because it has a lower interest rate, has no fees, and is a better type of debt for the City.  The loan will be repaid over the course of 20 years from Stormwater Utility funds.

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