SR 303 Warren Avenue Bridge Pedestrian Improvement

Project Status: PROPOSED 

The City funded a pre-design/scoping effort which included structural analysis. The City completed this effort with a Structural Engineering Consultant in consultation with WSDOT Bridge Engineers in 2016. The City has submitted a Transportation Budget Request to Washington State Legislature Senate Transportation Committee for funding of Project Engineering and permitting. Construction funding is currently unsecured, though WSDOT supports the bridge project and will coordinate with the City on delivery.

Project Overview

The Warren Avenue Bridge is 1/3-mile long and is the major connection between east and west Bremerton. The walkways on the bridge are substandard at 3.5-feet wide and are insufficient for wheelchairs and strollers to pass, and it is difficult for bicycles and pedestrians to pass as well. Pedestrians have been observed climbing on the bridge handrails to pass wheelchairs. Vehicle speeds approach 45 mph and can be reduced with narrower lanes.

Safe, ADA accessible pedestrian and bicycle facilities will be constructed where none currently exist. This is particularly important in this vicinity due to the high residential density on both ends of the bridge along with the location of Olympic College at the south end of the bridge.

The project will construct ADA Accessible 8-ft wide sidewalks on both sides of the Warren Avenue Bridge that will function as shared use pathways. The facilities will separate bicycles from vehicle traffic and help reduce vehicle speeds to design values.

The constructed facility will meet current design standards. The 8-ft wide walkways on both sides of the bridge function as shared use paths and will allow safe crossing of bicycles, wheelchairs, and pedestrians.

Total estimated cost = $ 7,500,000

Project Schedule

Design 2020

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