1321 N. Callow Avenue

We hear you! The City is committed to providing information to the public on the 1321 N. Callow Avenue project under development by the Quinault Indian Nation (QIN). Please check back regularly for updates and to learn what the City is working on to help reduce impacts on local neighborhoods. 

Fact Sheets (May 2019)

Project Information

On May 23, Mayor Greg Wheeler held a town meeting to hear from residents on the new development of a drive-thru smoke shop at 1321 N. Callow Avenue. Mayor Wheeler heard feedback from attendees and responded with a commitment to increase transparency and highlight efforts the City is taking on the Quinault’s development of the property.

Following the meeting, Mayor Wheeler formed a City response team and has directed all City applications regarding development on the property to be reviewed by the Mayor’s Office.

For more information, please contact the Mayor’s Office at 360-473-5266 or contact greg.wheeler@ci.bremerton.wa.us