Eastside Employment Center/Harrison Hospital District - Subarea Plan and EIS

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need a subarea plan and environmental impact statement (EIS) for the Eastside Employment Center?

The Eastside Employment Center (EEC) is a long-standing employment center with a medical center, small businesses, housing, and parks and urban forests. Now a key anchor in the center is moving. Harrison Medical Center has been the center of the EEC since its opening in 1965. The Medical Center has been, until recently, the hub of many related medical services in this area. Harrison has begun a transition to a new campus in Silverdale and many of the associated medical uses surrounding their facility in Bremerton are also making this transition. It is expected that the first phase of the Harrison transition will be nearly complete by 2020, with the full departure of the hospital expected to be completed by 2023.

The City desires to ensure that the EEC remains an economically vital center with both jobs and housing. This subarea plan and related regulations and incentives will ensure a smooth transition for both Harrison and for the Bremerton community in the short term, and economic revitalization in the longer term. 

Several projects and investments are currently underway in the area that will work together to increase the Center’s economic development potential. The City has started a comprehensive study of the SR 303 (Warren/Wheaton) corridor. This study will identify transportation options that improve livability and attract investment to the area along the corridor.

What is the planning process and timeline?

The subarea plan and market analysis are currently underway. During summer and fall 2019 the City will gather community input on a vision. In early 2020, the City will develop the subarea plan and ask for public input on a preferred alternative. The EIS process will be closely integrated with the subarea plan and will help streamline permitting for future projects.
Completion is expected by June 2020.

  • Bridging Bremerton: On June 22, 2019 the City spread the word of this upcoming Project at the Bridging Bremerton event. 
  • 1st Open House: On August 13, 2019 the City hosted the Eastside Center Open House. Click here to see the PowerPoint presentation at this Visioning Open House.
    • Summary of Aug 13th Open House (to be released)
Eastside Center Timeline

How do I participate? How will my input be used?

Public participation is an important aspect of this project. Community, business, and property owner feedback will inform various steps of the subarea plan development and EIS process. The City will host a range of engagement activities, both in-person and online, during the course of the project. 

The public is encouraged to submit comments using the Eastside Employment Center Comment Form.

I have questions about the project. Who should I contact?

Please email or call Allison Satter at the City of Bremerton, Community Development Department, 360-473-5845.