Naval Ave Bicycle & Pedestrian Enhancement

Project Updates

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Project Overview

This corridor is located centrally to the City and serves a large number of single-family homes, businesses, military personnel, and a school.  The project limits begin at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard (PSNS Base), one of Kitsap County’s largest employers (24,000), and ends at a multifamily zoning. Naval Elementary School, general commercial, and neighborhood business districts are also adjacent to Naval Avenue.

The project includes pavement resurfacing, bike lanes, boxes and detection, wider sidewalks, signal timing and phasing, intersection treatments, curb bulbs, wayfinding signage, pavement markings, and modified storm drainage.

Additional project work is a feasibility study of roundabouts at major intersection of Naval Avenue.

Needs & Benefits

Today, Naval Avenue is a 5-lane minor arterial (1st Street to 11th Street) that serves under 10,000 vehicles per day. This corridor section has deficient width sidewalks and various obstructions for ADA. The deficient sidewalk widths do not meet existing and forecasted higher pedestrian demand. There is not a comfort level for bicycles with vehicle speeds at 35 MPH and bicycles share the lanes with vehicles. 

After analysis and study, the City of Bremerton will use a road diet to provide enhancements to the corridor. Road diets offer us a cost-effective way to reduce traffic collisions, make walking and cycling safer, stimulate economic activity, and encourage residents to use alternative modes of transportation instead of driving. The successful use of road diets across the state demonstrates the efficacy of this approach. This is a way to enhance the quality of life in our community with this tool.

Project Status

In Design at 60% completion. City Council recently approved two actions for the project as of 6/15/2022. The first was a contract modification, with the design consultant, to include new design scope as well provide environmental permit assistance. This contract modification was in the amount of $148,593.45. The second action approved was the acceptance of a Transportation Alternatives Program Grant through PSRC in the amount of $1,850,000. This grant will be for the Right-Of-Way phase of the project which is slated to start in 2024. 

End Result

This design project will produce a 100% level Design (ready for construction) that will reconfigure the corridor for a road diet providing bike lanes, wider sidewalks, and removal of ADA barriers.


1st Quarter 2020 - Begin Design
2nd Quarter 2020 - Hold first public outreach meeting
3rd Quarter 2022 - Hold second Public Online Open House
End of 2023 - Design Complete
Start of 2024 – ROW acquisition begins
End of 2025 – ROW acquisition finished
2026 Bid Advertisement
2026-2027 Construction


Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Program State Funding = $619,400
City Match (REET) = $32,600
Transportation Alternative Program (TAP) Grant for ROW Phase = $1,600,000
City Match (REET) = $250,000

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Naval Avenue Bicycle & Pedestrian Enhancements