Ostrich Creek Stormwater Retrofits

Project Description

The Ostrich Creek basin is approximately 14 acres of heavily urbanized area, with runoff from roadways, commercial and residential uses with most of the stormwater flowing to Ostrich Creek without treatment.  Kitsap County Public Health District has a No-Contact order for the stream due to high fecal coliform bacteria levels.  Other contaminants from the roadways and developments are metals (dissolved copper and zinc), petroleum, fertilizers, pesticides, sediment, and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH’s). The City will be installing 15 linear modular wetland systems (MWS) at key points in the basin to be able to treat stormwater before sending it to Ostrich Creek.  

Project Schedule

Design of the project was completed to 90% by a separate Department of Ecology (DOE) grant in 2018. This project will complete the design and have it ready for construction in 2021. 

About the Funding Source

The City has secured a grant from DOE for construction of this project. This grant will cover 75% of the total project cost with the City share at 25%.

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