Washington Avenue & 11th Street Improvements

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Project Overview

The project designs and constructs a roundabout at the west end of the Manette Bridge, along with full street reconstruction from the roundabout north and west to Pacific Avenue to include bicycle lanes and new ADA compliant sidewalks. The project also includes replacing water main at 11th that is ending its useful service life. Replacement of "lower" sidewalks below grade on the east side of Washington Avenue as you head north from 11th Street.

Needs and Benefits

Bremerton’s downtown is posed to experience substantial growth in the very near future given the developments both under construction and currently being permitted. Traffic studies show that the evening peak hour traffic backs up over 1/3 mile south on Washington, affecting all side streets and create gridlock in the downtown area. A roundabout is both an immediate and long-term solution to the congestion and delay.

The 11th Street pedestrian facility from Pacific Avenue to the Manette Bridge exhibit obstructions, disrepair, and is not ADA compliant; a section of the sidewalk is not at street grade, and the connection is not accessible.

The widened ADA compliant sidewalks, pedestrian scale lighting, bicycle lanes, and revised storm drainage will greatly enhance safety and will have a profound impact on increasing pedestrian and bicycle activity.

This project completes a link in the Bridge-to-Bridge trail, completing the connection between Evergreen Park and Lions Park. 

Project Status

City is working on complete 60% design and incorporating public outreach comments into the design.


Design: 2020-2021
Construction: 2022


Surface Transportation Program (STP)/Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC) Grant = $4,152,000
Real Estate Excise Tax (REET) = $848,000

Total = $5,000,000

End Result

Less congestion in the downtown area around the Manette Bridge during peak travel times. Better conditions for bicyclists and pedestrians on the bridge-to-bridge trail.

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Washington & 11th Street Improvements