Joint Compatibility Transportation Plan

Joint Compatibility Transportation Plan Overview

The City of Bremerton has been awarded a Department of Defense Office of Economic Adjustment grant to undertake a comprehensive commuter traffic plan. The award is the culmination of an effort, led by Mayor Wheeler, that demonstrates the Navy’s common interest with the City to resolve traffic and parking conflicts. The study, formally called the “Joint Compatibility Transportation Plan”, will create a responsive and actionable plan to address transportation issues in Bremerton and ensure Bremerton’s growth will not impede Naval Base Kitsap – Bremerton (NBK-BR) missions which are critical to our Nation’s military readiness.  

$675,000 in Department of Defense funds and $75,000 of City funds have been committed to the project.  The $750,000 will be utilized to conduct a commuter transportation study that will:

  • Examine existing and future need related to all transportation modes serving NBK-Bremerton, including parking, pedestrian facilities, transit facilities; etc.,
  • Develop solutions to resolve deficits,
  • Evaluate options to mitigate transportation and parking demands,
  • and, develop a prioritized implementation plan.  

Study Progress and Schedule

The study is currently in full swing, and the technical team is led by engineering consultant Parametrix. Using feedback from public outreach the team has created a draft Preferred Alternative. The Preferred Alternative was evaluated, and the results of the evaluation were presented to the Community Sounding Board on September 21, 2022. The meeting materials and notes can be found below under “Community Sounding Board #5”. The Preferred Alternative was presented at a public meeting on October 11, 2022, a recording of the meeting and a meeting summary may be found below.  
Here are some other tasks that our technical team has completed:
  • Existing and 2050 traffic analysis.
  • Existing conditions survey.
  • Baseline economic assessment.
  • Public survey report.
  • Solutions and alternatives development.
  • Evaluation matrix (for testing the effectiveness of the alternatives).
  • Evaluation of alternatives.
  • Development and evaluate a draft preferred alternative

Here are some tasks that our Community Sounding Board has accomplished:
  • Review existing conditions and survey reports.
  • Review and comment on list of potential corridor elements (i.e., solutions or projects).
  • Review evaluation matrix.
  • Review results of alternatives evaluation.
  • Review the draft Preferred Alternative
Once feedback from the Community Sounding Board and the public has been gathered regarding the proposed preferred alternative the project team will make final refinements to the alternative and will begin a phasing plan for the implementation of the improvements.  Once finalized the full plan will be presented in a final report and will be approved by the City Council.  
DRAFT Schedule for JCTP

Community Sounding Board

The study management team, in coordination with the Mayor’s Office, has established a Community Sounding Board (CSB). The group, representative of and selected from the large pool of groups, people, and agencies that have a common interest in the goals of the study, will provide guidance and oversight for the study and study management team. Materials available to the CSB will be posted to this website, and the public is encouraged to comment on those materials (see comment form linked below). The first CSB meeting was held in late January, see meeting materials and notes below.

Community Sounding Board Meeting #1 – Project introduction
Meeting Materials
Meeting Notes

Workshop #1 – Existing conditions summary, issues discussion, and solutions brainstorming
Meeting Materials
Meeting Notes

Workshop #2 – Solutions brainstorming
Meeting Materials
Meeting Notes

Community Sounding Board #2 – Existing conditions summary, solutions discussion, and evaluation metrics discussion
Meeting Notes

Community Sounding Board # 3 – Alternatives presentation and preliminary evaluations discussion
Meeting Materials
Meeting Notes

Community Sounding Board #4 – Project visioning discussion
Meeting Materials
Meeting Notes

Community Sounding Board Meeting #5 – Draft preferred alternative presentation 
Meeting Materials
Meeting Notes 

Community Sounding Board
Elected Officials
  • Greg Wheeler, Mayor
  • Michael Goodnow, President, City Council District 5
Other Agencies and Community Members
  • Ed Coviello, Kitsap Transit
  • David Forte, Kitsap County
  • David Emmons, Bremerton Chamber of Commerce
  • Alison O’Sullivan, Suquamish Tribe
  • Matthew Pahs, WSDOT Olympic Region
  • Ricardo Gotla, WSDOT Public Transportation Unit
  • Fred Salisbury, Port of Bremerton
  • Allison Satter, NBK – Bremerton
City of Bremerton Staff
  • Tom Knuckey, Director, Public Works and Utilities 
  • Shane Webber, Managing Engineer – Transportation
  • Garrett Jackson, Planning Manager – Department of Community Development
  • Melinda Monroe, Parking and Contracts Administrator

Community Outreach

Input has been continuously gathered from the public regarding commuter issues impacting the Bremerton area and the unique needs of our community that must be considered as we plan solutions for those problems. In addition to 3 public meetings the team also distributed a survey to Bremerton residents and commuters. A report detailing the results from the public survey may be found here.  

The Joint Compatibility Transportation Plan’s project team gave a presentation to the City Council at the Study Session meeting on June 22, 2022. The presentation gave a brief overview of the project, outlined traffic and parking issues identified during the study, discussed challenges in resolving the issues, and discussed the vision for the project outcome.  

On October 11, 2022 the City hosted a third online public meeting. Project staff presented the suite of recommendations that will be included in the plan. A recording of the meeting presentation may be viewed at the link below, as well as a summary of the meeting.

Meeting Recording
Meeting Summary

On December 6th, 2021, the City hosted a second online open house. Project staff reviewed the project’s goals, schedule, and progress and then answered questions from the public. You may view a recording of the meeting by clicking on the imbedded video below, or you can read a summary of the meeting here

On February 9th, 2021 the City hosted an online open house. Project staff reviewed the project’s goals and schedule during a brief presentation and then answered questions from the public. You can view a recording of the meeting by clicking on the link below, or you may read a summary of the meeting here.

On November 3rd, 2022, the City hosted an online open house for the 6th Street bike and pedestrian improvements project. Staff gave a presentation and then answered questions from the project. The meeting recording can be found at the link below.

Download recording (MP4).

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