Race Equity Advisory Committee (REAC)


Council Members                                            
Quinn Dennehy (Chair)
Jennifer Chamberlin (Vice-Chair) 
Anna Mockler

Community Members      
Airen Lydick
Darryl Riley 
Sarah Van Gelder
Glenna Matteson
Leiyomi Preciado Lagdameo
Dr. Karen Bolton


Effective July 1, 2020, the Bremerton City Council formed the Race Equity Advisory Committee.  

The purpose of the committee is provide advice and counsel to the City Council on matters identifying programmatic, community, and legislative options; and to seek suggestions on how to ensure that the City of Bremerton is an open and welcoming community for all.

Responsibilities may include:
  • Adopting a Purpose/Mission Statement
  • Setting Goals and/or determining which Issues, Policies & Procedures to review (i.e. scope)
  • Establishing a timeline for each goal 
  • Hosting community events and outreach  
  • Making recommendations to City Council
The Purpose of REAC:
  • To advise the City Council, by applying a race equity analysis to all aspects of governance; and 
  • To maintain engagement with and accountability to other work being done throughout the Bremerton Community in service of Race Equity
The Vision of REAC: 
Bremerton Race Equity Advisory Committee envisions a City that:

  • Strives to continually dismantle its own institutional racism, within policies, programs, budget, initiatives, legislation, systems, and infrastructure;
  • Amplifies and joins racially, culturally, and socially integrated community endeavors toward equity, well-being, and liberation for all; and
  • Aspires to model for the nation a City in which people of different races, ethnicities, and backgrounds can interact, form friendships, and participate fully in the community’s political, educational, cultural, and civic endeavors. 
REAC Meetings are held monthly on 2nd Thursdays beginning at 6:00 PM, unless otherwise noticed. 

Please contact city.council@ci.bremerton.wa.us if you wish to receive Meeting Notices for REAC or more information.