Decommission Beach Sewer in Manette (OF-4 to EB-2)

Project Overview

Many of the residences and commercial buildings along the water in Manette between E 16th Street and the Manette Bridge are connected to a sewer main buried under the beach. This sewer main is difficult to access and maintain and can surcharge during heavy rainstorms. To address this issue, the City will be installing an upland sewer system and abandoning the beach main and lateral connections.

The project will install an upland low pressure sewer system in the vicinity of E. 16th Street and Marlow Avenue off of Wheaton Way, which will allow for the abandonment of 1,800 feet of gravity beach sewer. The beach sewer was installed in 1972 and is located between E 16th Street and the base of the Manette Bridge. An estimated thirteen (13) apartment complexes and condominiums, as well as seven (8) single family residences currently discharge to the beach sewer. The flow from these properties will be routed to the proposed upland system using grinder pump systems.

By making these improvements, the City hopes to improve the marine environment of the Port Washington narrows and reduce the need to disturb the beach environment for maintenance.

Parametrix has been selected as the design consultant.

Project Status (February 2024)

The project has been delayed approximately one year while we developed a plan for protection of cultural resources during construction within the project site. A Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) has been signed by the City and stakeholders, signaling a major milestone towards being able to complete the design drawings and bid the project. The City could not move forward until the MOA was signed because the requirements in the MOA will need to be followed by the contractor. Final design of the project is scheduled for 2024, with construction following in late 2024 and 2025.

Project Location



This project is funded by a Department of Ecology Clean Water State Revolving Fund loan in the amount of $2.3 million.


Currently ongoing design as of March 2024 with anticipated completion late in 2024. Construction bidding is anticipated in late 2024 for 2025 construction.

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