Anderson Creek Dam Removals

Project Announcement (February 2, 2023)

Three consultants submitted a proposal for assisting the City in obtaining the needed permits and putting together a complete bid set of drawings and specifications for the project.  Of the three, Osborn Consulting, Inc., was selected for the work and the contract is currently scheduled for Council approval on March 15th.  


The City of Bremerton constructed two concrete and earthen dam structures on the east and west forks of Anderson Creek for a surface drinking water supply in the 1920’s. The structures were abandoned in the 1960’s and are both listed by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) as being complete (100%) fish passage barriers.

WSDOT recently completed replacement of the existing culverts on Anderson Creek at SR-16 and Anderson Hill Road. This project builds on this work as removal of both dams and restoration of Anderson Creek will provide over 3 miles of habitat for multiple salmonid species, including ESA listed Puget Sound steelhead.  

Anderson Creek Dam Removal Report


  • Preliminary Engineering Report completed – August 2017
  • Design start – February 2023
  • Permitting submittals – Fall 2023
  • Design complete – Spring 2024
  • Construction start – Summer 2024
  • Construction complete – Winter 2025


The project will be completed using a low interest PWB loan and be repaid over 20 years from the Water Utility. 

PWTF Total loan amount is $2,000,000.



Gunnar Fridriksson
Project Manager
Ph: 360-473-5758