Knox Box

The City of Bremerton Fire department has an active Knox Box (key safe) program. These key safes are placed on an outside wall and near the main entrance. When the fire alarm system sounds the Fire Department will respond to check the business.

Purpose of the Box
The key safe program allows fire crews to access the business keys without the business owners / managers present saving valuable time and reducing or eliminating forcible entry damage.

Various Knox Box Sizes
The Fire Department requires different size Knox Boxes for different types of building features:
  • Residential occupancy: 1650 series
  • Standard business: 3200 series
  • Business with elevator: 4400 series
  • Multi-family occupancy: Knox cabinet
Being Prepared with Multiple Boxes
Frequently there are several main entrances, large buildings and multi-level buildings may require more than 1 box. Knox Boxes can be purchased online.

A full set of keys will be required for each installed box.

Helpful Documents