Fire Safety Inspections

Fire safety inspections are conducted by the Bremerton Fire Department Fire Prevention office yearly. Every business in every building is inspected using the International Fire Code as a standard. The State of Washington has adopted the International Codes as the "Model Codes" to follow for "Prescriptive" code issues. There are several different examples of model codes. One is the Uniform Fire Code, which the State of Washington utilized for many years.

Adoption of Current Code
The State of Washington has adopted the entire International Code Set, with the exception of the Plumbing Code. The State of Washington still utilizes the Uniform Plumbing Code.

During the adoption of each code (Fire code, Building Code, Mechanical Code, etc.) the state can pick and choose which areas to adopt or can "re-write" what they want that section or code to say. These changes are available online.

Once the state has adopted the Model Code of their choice, each municipality and county will adopt the same code, but are first allowed to make more restrictive changes to areas, which they have selected. The appendixes of the codes are for informational purposes only, unless they have been adopted by the governmental agency for that area. Once an appendix has been adopted, it carries the same weight as the code itself. In many areas of the IFC, as with other model codes, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is referenced for item specific expertise. For example NFPA 72 is the standard for fire alarm systems. This document is very technical and details out every issue with a fire alarm. Any questions can be answered about a fire alarm between the IFC chapter on "Fire Protection Systems" and NFPA 72.

Chapter 18 of Bremerton Municipal Code
The City of Bremerton's changes to the International Fire Code (IFC) are contained in Chapter 18 of the Bremerton Municipal Code (BMC). City of Bremerton has also adopted all of the appendixes.

All businesses, churches, schools and residential buildings of 3 or more units on a single parcel are inspected annually by the Bremerton Fire Marshal's Office. Here are some of the things they look for:
  • Operational fire alarm systems
  • Service and tagging of sprinkler systems every year by a state licensed contractor
  • Annual service and tagging of fire extinguishers
  • Exit signs at all required exits
  • Illuminated corridors
  • Doors that open and close tightly and that are not obstructed in any manner
  • No combustible storage within the corridor exit pathway
  • No combustible storage under exit stairways
  • Removal of accumulated uncut weeds, grass, or vegetation