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East Park

A Green Movement

The City of Bremerton is proud to acknowledge East Park as the first new neighborhood in Bremerton that did not require the removal or reclamation of any forested or previously undeveloped land. It is the result of recycling an antiquated neighborhood that had long ago outlived its usefulness.

It is truly unique in that it is a Built-Green community that incorporates many of the latest low impact development techniques and sciences. It creates a community of friends and neighbors as opposed to a development of houses. The community is designed with front porches, alley loading garages, community shared open spaces, traffic calming streets, and community shared play areas.

More Than a Community

In addition to bringing new quality housing to Bremerton, East Park has brought new infrastructure through the replacement of the old deteriorating Schley Blvd and the outdated utilities (water, power, sewer, etc.).

This is all in addition to the earth and animal friendly features of the neighborhood like the wildlife corridor and the designation of the Madrona Forest and the Riparian Corridor.

Appealing To Everyone

East Park is where native forests, parks and homes come together to form an urban residential neighborhood. Adjacent native forests have been preserved and combined with the addition of a new wildlife corridor. Parks have been developed throughout the neighborhood to provide passive and active recreation a step away from your door. Sidewalks and green streets provide safe pedestrian and bicycle circulation. Storm water is treated responsibly and sustainably. City utilities upgraded and replaced. Streets, alleys and paths provide access with safety and character as primary focuses. And numerous housing types provide homes for various lifestyles in one congruous neighborhood.
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