City Auditor

In 1983, the citizens of the City of Bremerton voted to change their form of government. They thought it important to have an independent internal City Auditor included in the City Charter (PDF).

Appointing City Auditor

The Audit Committee appoints the City Auditor, who serves at the pleasure of the Audit Committee and may be removed only by a majority vote of the entire membership of the Audit Committee sitting as a whole. The City Auditor conducts independent financial, compliance, and performance audits of city operations. These audits are to assure citizens, elected city officials, and management that municipal departments are utilizing resources in an effective and efficient manner.

Auditor Yearly Work Plan

In January, a yearly work plan for the City Auditor is approved by the Audit Committee. Requests for assistance from city departments or organizations are referred to the Audit Committee for approval to add to the work plan. Reports prepared by the City Auditor are not public documents until approved by the Audit Committee.

Ethic's Code

The City Auditor is also charged, by ordinance, with the responsibility of investigating ethics complaints under the city's Ethics Code. Any complaint by either a citizen or a City employee must be reported in writing to the City Clerk, who refers it to the Mayor, who then refers it to the City Auditor for investigation.