Business Licenses

Apply for a new license, renew an existing license, file taxes, or update business information by visiting


Bremerton Municipal Code 5.02 requires that anyone engaging in any business activity in the city limits, 1st obtain a City of Bremerton business license by filling out a Business License Application (PDF).

Fees & Renewal Notices

The business license fee is currently $75 per year but is prorated for new applicants to $37.50 for businesses that begin after July 1st. Once you are registered, you will receive a license renewal notice every December. Please be aware that your license fee is nonrefundable regardless of applying in error or subsequent denial of your application.

Change of Ownership

A change in ownership of a business requires that the new owner apply for a new license.

More Than 2 Businesses Within the City

If a business is conducted at 2 or more places within the city, a separate license is required for each place at which business is conducted.

More Than 1 Business Type at a Single Location

If more than 1 business is conducted at a single location, a separate license is required for each business.

Closing & Selling Businesses

After registering, if you close or sell your business, it is your responsibility to inform the Tax and License Division in writing. Failure to do so, could result in penalties against your account. The form is available online: