Living in Bremerton

Why Bremerton? 

There are many reasons why Bremerton is a great place to live including:

Amenities & Features
Come to Bremerton. Walk along the shore where eagles dive for fish. Watch whales play in the nearby inlet. Cross a bridge and gaze in awe at a postcard caliber vista of the Olympic Mountains or Mount Rainier. Gallery hop, fine dine, or enjoy an evening of top entertainment at the Admiral Theatre. Listen to music at a cozy nightspot. Head for the city, the mountains, the water, or stay right here in Bremerton - the center of it all. 

Education & Performing Arts

Olympic College in Bremerton provides advanced technical degrees and enriches the community with many educational and community services and a Business Relations Center. The Bremerton High School complex boasts a modern performing arts center which provides a venue for opera, dance, theater and the Bremerton Symphony.
Property Values
Nearly unrivaled in the Puget Sound, Bremerton homes carry a median price half that of homes on the Seattle side of the water. Add to that properties that abound with breathtaking water and mountain views, and it's no wonder that Bremerton attracts residents who work in Seattle and take their money further by living well in the West Sound.

Proximity & Location
Residents of Bremerton have it all. Some take advantage of the amenities of Seattle through a relaxing, scenic ferry ride across Puget Sound. A half hour's drive south of Bremerton sits Tacoma. Close to home on the Kitsap Peninsula, Bremerton's county neighbors offer a variety of things to enjoy as a resident or a visitor, from farm life to retail districts.