Plan Development

The city recognized the importance of building a strong relationship with the various PSIC - Bremerton stakeholders, including the public, property owners, and local jurisdictions. A multi-pronged approach aimed to engage these groups.

Advisory Groups
In order to garner input on the planning process, the city created 2 advisory groups, the Technical Working Group (TWG) and the Executive Committee (EC).

Technical Working Group
The TWG is composed of senior technical staff from each of the regional jurisdictions, Port of Bremerton, PSIC - Bremerton property owners, Suquamish Tribe, Port Gamble / S'Klallam Tribe, South Kitsap Economic Development Alliance, Sustainable Bremerton, Kitsap Regional Coordinating Council, Hood Canal Coordinating Council, and the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard / Naval Base Kitsap.

The TWG was created to review technical information, provide input and recommendations, and work collectively to refine components of the Subarea Plan.

Executive Committee
The EC includes elected and appointed officials from the following organizations: Bremerton City Council, Bremerton Planning Commission, Port of Bremerton Port Commission, Kitsap County, Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Suquamish Tribal Council, Port Orchard City Council, and Naval Base Kitsap.

The EC was created to provide policy-level input to the PSIC - Bremerton Subarea Plan project team and City of Bremerton. Relying on the TWG's technical expertise and review of work products before each EC meeting, the EC's focus is to provide input about key decision points, address different views shared by TWG members, and bring EC organizations' interests and concerns to the table.

The TWG and the EC each met exclusively twice; 4 additional meetings were held jointly.
Public Open House
Engagement of the public was an important piece of the planning process for the SKIA Subarea Plan. As such, the city held 3 public open house meetings to provide a 2-way communication forum for all issues related to SKIA. The presentations and meeting summaries can be found at the following links:

Public Process
Plan Intent
The major influence of the public process was the resulting plan intent. Based on the feedback staff received during the various public meetings and advisory group meetings, staff noticed that there were several major items that stakeholders felt were important. This were formulated into the Plan Intent:

The PSIC - Bremerton Subarea Plan is intended to be:
  • Flexible - in recognition of development constraints for industrial uses, accommodate development flexibility
  • Easy to use - clear layout and explanation of goals, strategies, standards, and guidelines
  • Incentive-based - offer regulatory and financial benefits for sustainable development instead of mandating through regulations and requirements
  • A catalyst - a new, cohesive subarea plan that simplifies the regulatory process and outlines infrastructure needs
These became the guiding principles of the PSIC - Bremerton Subarea Plan.