About the Plan

Bremerton 2035

The City of Bremerton has updated our Comprehensive Plan. A major update like this happens every ten years and is focused on evaluating which aspects of the plan are working and what need to be adjusted. As Bremerton’s Department of Community Development, we were tasked with listening to the public, amending our Comprehensive Plan, and presenting the recommendations to City Council for their approval in 2016. 

The Comprehensive Plan

A Comprehensive Plan is a blueprint for the future. It is a community vision that is intended to guide the city for the next 20 years. This update to the Comprehensive Plan will result in a set of policies that direct future growth and development. Additionally, the Plan leads to potential strategies that will help effectively guide city leaders with making substantive and thoughtful decisions for the community.

In 2004, Bremerton’s Comprehensive Plan was developed with the idea of creating Urban Centers. This strategy designated certain neighborhoods as Urban Centers and encouraged new housing, jobs, and transit towards these centers. The Comprehensive Plan goal is to make neighborhoods where people could easily walk, bike, or ride transit to get to work, go out to eat, or buy groceries. By concentrating growth in this way we also were able to more efficiently provide services and proactively plan for the future.

Slight Changes

The Comprehensive Plan update will look at current growth projections and amend the 2004 Comprehensive Plan. The overarching principles and general concepts within the 2004 Comprehensive Plan continued to be applicable, however some minor alterations were necessary to reflect the changes related to the economic climate and overall goals of the community. The process looked at things like where Bremertonians live, where we work, how we get around the city, do we have enough public services, are there equal opportunities for every community, and how to protect our environment.