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BKAT TV Playback Request Form

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    I certify that the information on this form is true. I agree to abide by the provisions of BKAT policies and procedures including those set forth in the current Policy Handbook. I have secured, or am able to secure, written permission for cablecast rights of all copyrighted material contained in this program(s). I assume full responsibility for any disputes or community controversy. I agree to work to resolve those disputes and hold harmless Bremerton Kitsap Access Television and any of its funding entities, both individual and organizational, for any damages that I may incur from the cablecast of this program. I understand that potentially offensive material will air after midnight. I understand this tape will air no more than 4 times in one 6-month season. I agree to pick up tape/DVD within three months of final playback or program will be discarded. I agree that BKAT reserves the right to release information about this document.
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