Planning Effort for Gorst 2013

A 20 Year Vision
The City of Bremerton and Kitsap County, in partnership with other state, federal, and tribal agencies, have developed a 20-year plan for the future of Gorst. The purpose of this cooperative planning effort has been to develop a land use plan that is based on the ecological values and functions of the Gorst Creek Watershed.

The Gorst area is still in Kitsap County jurisdiction, with the intent of the City of Bremerton annexing in the future (this will be a separate process with public notification and input). Kitsap County and the City of Bremerton collaborated together to create 1 document, the Gorst Subarea Plan, As both the city and county adopted this plan, regardless of the jurisdiction, a property owner would comply with the Gorst Subarea Plan.

For more information view, download, and print the City of Bremerton and KitsapCounty Adopted Gorst Subarea Plan.

Interested in utilizing the Planned Action Ordinance? View the Planned Action Ordinance for the City of Bremerton for more information.

Planning Efforts
Including to the Subarea Plan, the planning effort included 3 volumes:
  • Watershed Study
  • Environmental Impact Statement
  • The Subarea Plan
Subarea Plan
Volume 1. Gorst Creek Watershed Characterization & Framework Plan
This plan provides a common set of goals, policies, and best management practices guiding water quality, habitat, and land use plans and activities across the 6,570-acre watershed including the 335-acre Gorst UGA. View, download, and print the Gorst Watershed Plan.

Volume 2. Gorst Planned Action Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)
The EIS is an informational document that evaluates land use alternatives and potential mitigation measures to minimize environmental impacts. It addresses both the watershed and Gorst UGA. The EIS allows the city and county to consider designating a planned action for some or all of the Gorst UGA, which would streamline environmental review for development proposals consistent with mitigation measures. For more information on the how this project will affect the environment, view the Final EIS for the Gorst Subarea Plan.

Volume 3. Gorst Subarea Plan
The purpose of this plan is to provide greater detail, guidance and predictability to future development within the 335-acre Gorst UGA, while also protecting the environment. Kitsap County currently governs the unincorporated Gorst UGA but has assigned it as a future annexation area to the City of Bremerton. View, download, and print the Gorst Subarea Plan.

Planned Action Ordinance
A planned action provides more detailed environmental analysis during an areawide planning stage rather than at the project permit review stage. Designating a planned action streamlines environmental review for development proposals consistent with EIS mitigation measures that are adopted in a planned action ordinance. Planned actions would be allowed if they meet or exceed proposed land use and environmental performance standards. View the Planned Action Ordinance today.