Blueberry Park P-Patch Garden

The City of Bremerton Parks & Recreation Department provides community garden plots for citizens to rent for personal use. The Blueberry Park P-Patch is for organic gardening only.

Garden Season

This is a year round garden, however, water is shut off from November 1 until March 31.

Plot Size and Annual Fee

Raised Bed Resident $14.00 
  Non-Resident  $17.50 
10 x 20 feet 
(200 sq ft)
Resident  $53.00 

Non-Resident  $65.50 
16 x 31 feet
(496 sq ft)
Resident  $76.00 

Non-Resident  $88.50 
Plots cannot be enlarged; their configuration cannot be changed. There will be a $40 fee assessed for checks returned or Non Sufficient Funds. Plot fees are non-refundable. 

Plot Assignments

Garden plots will be assigned by order of registration. A waiting list will be established for gardeners who did not get a plot assignment. Vacant plots will be filled off the waiting list. Required 4 hours of community work must be completed by December 1 to ensure returning gardening privileges. 

What Can Be Grown

Gardeners may grow any vegetables, small fruits, flowers or herbs. Produce may not be sold but may be shared. Gardeners are encouraged to donate their surplus produce to local food banks. Food bank information will be posted inside the lending tool shed.

Other Benefits

  • Water is provided for all gardeners.
  • The lending shed has a selection of long handled tools and hoses for shared use.
  • A library of organic gardening information is also located in the lending shed.
  • Gardening classes and clinics are offered by Master Gardener's throughout the season.

Returning Gardeners

Please notify Bremerton Parks & Recreation of your intent to renew your plot no later than January 31 of each year. Payment deadline for plot renewal: February 15.