Administrative Hearing Examiner

The City's Administrative Hearing Examiner
The City of Bremerton has a contract with the firm of SOUND LAW CENTER to provide hearing examiner services. Their philosophy is to provide an objective review of the facts of an application and then apply the goals and ordinances of the city to make a decision. They encourage all interested persons to present all relevant facts at the hearings through oral or written testimony. They try to create an atmosphere at the hearing that demonstrates courtesy to witnesses and acknowledgement of their opinions. Below is a summary of their credentials and experience.

Theodore Paul ("Ted") Hunter
Theadore Hunter received his law degree from the University of Washington and was trained in mediation techniques at Willamette and Harvard Universities. His trial experience involved representation in land use matters for developers and environmental groups at all levels of the state and federal courts. Mr. Hunter also served as Legal Counsel to the Washington State Legislature on energy and environmental matters. He was selected as the Chief Negotiator for the Legislature in matters involving land use proposals at the U. S. Hanford Nuclear Reservation. He established and is past Chair of the Dispute Resolution Section of the Washington State Bar and is a member of the Association for Conflict Resolution. He is a Land Use Hearing Examiner and Mediator for over twenty cities and counties in Washington State.

For more information visit their webpage at Sound Law Center.