Street Banners

The City of Bremerton maintains aerial span wires across streets in 2 locations for the purpose of supporting banners:
  • 4th Street between Pacific and Washington Avenues
  • Pacific Avenue between 4th and 5th Streets
Community events banners are those intended for special events and seasonal celebrations in the City of Bremerton. Banners for private or political purposes are not allowed.

Steps for Banner Approval

The following steps are necessary for hanging a banner:
  1. Call the Public Works Office at 360-473-5917 to coordinate the location and date(s) for which the banner is to be installed and removed.
  2. Acquire a no-fee building permit from the Public Works & Utilities Department at 100 Oyster Bay Ave N.
  3. Deliver the banner and the permit to the Public Works Complex, 100 Oyster Bay Ave N, at least one (1) week in advance of scheduled installation time. The purpose of advance delivery is to permit inspection of the banner. If the banner does not meet the city's specifications (see below), this may allow enough time for applicant to have the banner altered.
You are encouraged to have your banner inspected well in advance. Any banner that is grossly deficient will not be hung.

It is recommended that banners be constructed and prepared for hanging by a professional sign shop that regularly deals with banners. Improperly constructed banners can be hazardous and costly.


  1. Banner must be made of 13 oz. material or heavier.
  2. Banner will be hemmed on all 4 sides (triple stitched).
  3. Banner shall not exceed 32 inches in height and 30 feet in length.
  4. The banner will be provided with stainless steel snap-lock type fasteners that can be clipped to the span wire. Carabiner type snap locks or light duty snaps will not be accepted.
  5. The banner will be equipped with a 3/8 inch or 1/2 inch diameter rope (no nylon rope) at least 20 feet long, at the top and bottom of each end of the banner.
  6. Adequate sail slits or holes shall be provided in the face of the banner to prevent the banner from whipping during windy periods. There should be at least 4 semi-circle slits, each slit to be 10 or 12 inches in diameter (15 to 18 inches measured around the half-circle).
  7. Clips, ropes and other attachments to the banner shall be made to metal reinforcement rings (grommets) built into the banner for that purpose.
  8. Banners hung only on approval, after inspection has been made.
Any questions regarding banner installation or specifications can be answered by calling the Public Works Office at 360-473-5917.
Snap-lock Fastener (Carabiner)