Council Goals & Priorities

As established at the Joint Planning Session on June 11, 2022; and approved at the Council Meeting on July 20, 2022.

2022 Goals & Priorities

Economic Development
  • Support incentives and secure additional funding for redevelopment of:
    • Wheaton Way Corridor
    • Callow Business District
  • Identify opportunities and implement actions to support local small businesses:
    • Improve outreach to businesses on contract opportunities
    • Encourage purchase of local goods and services
  • Continue support for:
    • Main Street Community Designation
    • ArtsWA Creative District Certification
Intra-City Traffic Flow and Parking Congestion
  • Update and improve parking signage and markings throughout the City
  • Re-evaluate parking enforcement for effectiveness
Pedestrian Safety
  • Increase and measure active transportation options:
    • Review and revise standards for Non-Motorized Transportation
    • Develop and implement a plan for bicycle and scooter sharing programs
  • Complete a Sidewalk Policy
  • Support improvements for pedestrian safety including parks and schools
  • Secure additional sustainable funding source for local streets and sidewalks
Quality Affordable Housing
  • Continue connection with Bremerton Housing Authority and Kitsap Community
  • Resources for Weatherization & Minor Home Repair, Rental Assistance and First Time Home Buyers Programs
  • Identify new partnerships and programs for greatest impact
  • Explore feasibility of implementing findings of March 2020 Affordable Housing Recommendations report
  • Identify surplus property for possible affordable housing development
  • Increase residential housing density through incentives for ADUs and promote our Infill Toolkit
  • Secure additional funding for affordable housing programs
  • Maximize affordability by using equity and racial justice lens
Environmental Stewardship and Access to Open Spaces
  • Continue support of Kitsap Lake Water Quality Program
  • Pursue additional funding to address noxious weeds
  • Develop policies that encourage environmental stewardship
  • Support the planning and development of a Trail System through Bremerton
  • Secure dedicated sustainable funding for Parks Capital Improvement Projects and expansion
Public Outreach, Access, and Transparency in Government
  • Re-establish outreach program with Bremerton High School Youth Advisory Council
  • Continue strengthening relationship with Naval Base Kitsap and PSNS-IMF
  • Development of a City of Bremerton “Good Neighbor Handbook”
  • Develop policies and implement changes that encourage civic engagement
  • Continue to improve communication, transparency, and responsiveness to citizen concerns
Equity in Government
  • Coordinate with the Mayor on reviewing and implementing policies and programs
  • Consider program needs and funding options to support equity policies and programs
  • Evaluate and implement REAC recommendations including, but not limited to:
    • Encourage GARE participation and professional development for Council Members, Department Directors, and Human Resources staff
    • Support the Mayor in hiring a consultant or staff to further race equity work