Council Goals & Priorities

The following goals and priorities were established at the Joint Planning Session on January 26, 2019.

2019 Goals & Priorities

Local Streets and Sidewalks Improvements (Public Works Committee)
  • Develop a Sidewalk Policy and Work Plan
  • Action Plan for Local Street Repair
  • Update Streetlights; Support Development of Master Lighting Agreement
  • Secure Additional Funding (Finance/Investment & Parking Committee)
Economic Development 
  • Research Possible Tax Incentives for Repurposing Vacant Commercial Buildings
  • Consider Code Changes to Support Development for:
    • Wheaton Way Corridor
    • Callow Business District Site Reuse and Revitalization 
    • East-side Employment Center (Harrison) Study
  • Review/Revise Guidelines for Lodging Tax Advisory Committee
Improve Intra-City Traffic Flow and Reduce Parking Congestion 
  • Implement Parking Plan Strategies (Finance/Investment & Parking Committee)
  • Work with Kitsap Transit to Improve Public Transportation in Bremerton
Code Enforcement 
  • Review Noise Ordinance
Quality Affordable Housing
  • Rental Housing Safety Program
  • Continue connection with Bremerton Housing Authority and Kitsap Community Resources
  • Explore opportunities with other stakeholders
  • As a member of the Kitsap Regional Coordinating Council, work collaboratively on County-wide response to Homeless Issues
  • Consider Zoning Code Changes to Encourage the Development of Affordable Housing
Improving Kitsap Lake Water Quality 

Increase Public Outreach through Social Media
  • Outreach Program with Bremerton High School Youth Advisory Council
  • Strengthen Relationship with Naval Base Kitsap and PSNS-IMF
  • Develop and Communicate City Mission, Vision and Values Statement
  • Work with the Department of Community Development to Encourage Annexation